We Compost This..

Fruit and vegetable scraps
Food leftovers, plate scrapings
Yard trimmings
Bread, cereal, grains
Pasta, dough, pizza
Baked goods, candies
Soiled paper towels and tissues (used for cleaning hands)
Soiled paper food packaging
Used, uncoated paper cups and plates
Coffee filters and grounds, tea bags
Tea bags
Baking ingredients, herbs, spices
Houseplants, plants and flowers (no flower pots)
Nuts and shells
Landscaping vegetation (up to 4′ long by 4″ diameter)
Kitchen paper towels
Unsoiled paper take-out containers
Pizza delivery boxes
Paper napkins
Waxed cardboard paper
Fresh cookies

Please keep your inside compost bins clean and do not overfill your organic bins.

Not This..

Meat, poultry, fish, shellfish and bones
Liquid dairy products
Foil wrap, pouches and pie plates
Cereal and cracker box liners
Chip and cookie bags
Pet food bags and other lined bags
Butter wrappers
Make-up remover pads, cotton swabs and balls
Dental floss, rubber bands
Soiled diapers, baby wipes
Sanitary hygiene products, condoms
Dryer sheets and lint
Cigarettes and butts
Vacuum contents and bags
Plastic containers and cutlery
Plastic bags and wrap, bottles and tubs
Glass bottles and jars
Produce baskets and netting
Plastic wrap, Aluminum foil
Cork Coated and plastic takeout containers
Milk Cartons, Ice cream Cartons
Plastic plates, cups and utensils
Latex and plastic gloves
Wire and rubber bands
Grease and liquids
Painted and treated wood
Pet waste